20 Lessons My Dog is Teaching Me

I adopted my dog, Fenway, when she was just 4 months old from a shelter in Eastern Massachusetts. She and her siblings had been abandoned in a box by the side of the road. She will turn 8 next month and is starting to turn grey (like me) but she still thinks she is a puppy!  She is 25 pounds of pure joy.

My dog has been a wonderful companion to me and to others. I think my brother and sister-in-law love her as much as I do. Mother Fran even has a soft spot for her! I can’t imagine how I would have gotten thru some past difficulties had it not been for my dog. Fenway has a good sense of when something is bothering me and attempts to comfort me in her own very special ways.

Me in the grey hoodie - My dog wrapped around my head
Me in the grey hoodie – My dog wrapped around my head

Fenway is always happy, occasionally annoying and incredibly lovable! My dog has taught me a lot about life; some lessons I have mastered, others I am still working on.

20 Lessons My Dog is Patiently Trying To Teaching Me
  1. Nothing is better than being outside with people you love
  2. When you are hot – go find a cool shady spot to lay down
  3. It is ok to show your excitement when greeting people
  4. When overly excited and annoying others, jump in their lap – it takes them by surprise
  5. Long walks are good for the mind
  6. Long walks in the woods are good for the soul
  7. After running around in circles all day it is time to nap
  8. Make sure you are good and comfortable before settling down to sleep – turn in circles repeatedly and scratch the carpet
  9. When you are scared just look tough and bark like crazy
  10. When dinner is late, stand and whine at the cook until she gets the message
  11. One special treat deserves another
  12. It helps to look cute to get your way
  13. Try very hard to be gentle with small children and old people
  14. Work hard, play harder
  15. To avoid something (like taking a bath or getting in the kayak) – quietly sneak off to bed
  16. Constantly show your loved ones how you feel – even in the bathroom at 5:00 AM
  17. Test the rules by keeping 1 paw where you are not supposed to be
  18. It helps to do the right thing even when not being told to do so
  19. Life is good as long as you are with people you love
  20. Love is unconditional
Can you guess which one of us does NOT love the kayak?
Can you guess which one of us does NOT love the kayak?

My family thinks I am a bit crazy when it comes to loving my dog! But what can I say – I learned from the best!

What lessons is your dog, cat, gerbil, rabbit, or parakeet patiently trying to teach you?

Now if I could only teach her to love the kayak! I have to go, my dog says it is time to get outside.

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  1. I remember the day got Fenway she was so scared in her first ride home! Then the meeting of Peanut!! I remember first kayak ride.

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