Creating Habits To Reach My Goals and Toes

I am learning to think consciously about what is important to me and how I spend my time. The last few years one of my primary focuses was to get out of debt and stop spending money recreationally.  Well back in April 2015 I paid off the last of my debt and have learned to spend money deliberately on things that I value. I have decided that my new will focus will be on my health by adding one good habit at a time to my day. Back in October I added my smoothie habit. See my post 52,000 Fewer Calories and I am happy to report that I continue to drink and enjoy my smoothies. I even have my honey requesting a smoothie several times a week. Continue reading “Creating Habits To Reach My Goals and Toes”

Choosing Health With My Wii

Although active and athletic, I never played organized sports as a kid. We lived far from school and transportation was a problem. Getting exercise however was never a problem. We had a huge garden to tend, a few acres to mow and a driveway to shovel. After school we had to pick a job to do for one hour such as weeding the strawberry patch, picking dandelions greens for the chickens or shoveling the dirt from the pond we dredged. Continue reading “Choosing Health With My Wii”

52,000 Fewer Calories This Year

Eating Healthy is a Choice

Eating healthy means different things to different people. I have been a vegetarian since 1998 but that doesn’t mean I have always eaten well. I used to joke that I was a cheese-itarian. Cheesy eggs for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch and pizza for dinner would not have been unusual. I love it all!  Fresh mozzarella, feta, cheddar, swiss, monterey jack. I am starting to drool just thinking about it. I seriously love cheese. Deep down I always knew that all that cheese was clogging my arteries and adding to my waistline but I could not help myself. Continue reading “52,000 Fewer Calories This Year”

Geese Fly South in the Winter… Right?

Last month, I was out walking my dog all bundled up against the January cold. Overhead I heard the familiar clatter of geese flying south. Actually I have no idea if they were flying south because I am directionally challenged… But that doesn’t matter because all of a sudden a few of them veered sharply off course and they reversed direction. There seemed to be no leader and small groups were soon flying in all different directions. The organized “V” pattern in which they normally fly became a giant doodle in the sky. I stopped and listened to the deafening noise overhead as the confusion unfolded. It was chaos!  CHAOS! But geese really do fly south in the winter in a “V” shaped pattern. Within the chaos was order and I have no doubt that order was restored.   formation-508038_1280

AHA… In order there can be chaos. And this is normal and ok! Continue reading “Geese Fly South in the Winter… Right?”

Make One Good Decision After Another

I am convinced that sometimes we struggle to choose between options for which there should be no struggle. We know the best option. We know  it 100% from our fingers to our toes. We know which decisions will bring us closer toward our long term goals and happiness and which ones will simply make life easier in the moment.  But life has a habit of getting in the way and some of us make a living out of complicating the simple things in life. Continue reading “Make One Good Decision After Another”