Remember the EpiPen?

Remember the EpiPen incident from September 2016? The auto-injection adrenaline system that wards off anaphylactic shock? Yes, the same device my honey and I neglected to pack in our bike gear on that beautiful September morning?

Yes, that same September day when she got stung by an unknown insect and went into anaphylactic shock. I needed to call 911 from the bike path and she ended up spending  the afternoon in the emergency room. Neither of us will ever forget that day. If you don’t remember it, check it out here.

We just wanted to do this!
Instead we got this.

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Do You Want To Know a Secret?

My Secret:

I have no clue what I am passionate about. Is that weird? Is it unusual? I have no clue about that either. Please don’t tell anyone. Let’s keep it a secret.

What part of secret didn’t you understand?

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I Challange You- 2

On December 11, 2016, I challenged you to read a book on personal development and to complete every exercise in the book. I shared with you my answers to some of the exercises in a book titled “Planning for Success: Living Your Dream by Dr. Mark Chironna. I didn’t pick this book for any special reason, it was just the one I was reading at the time.

In this post, I share my answers to the second series of questions.  It is good to reflect on the progress you make in the pursuit of your dream! The questions from the book are in bold.

Note the areas in which you approach life with intentionality. How have the outcomes in these areas surpassed results elsewhere? When it comes to my work life, I have very intentionally slipped out of the rat race. When our per-diem OT left, I immediately recognized the opportunity to leave full-time work behind me.

I sketched out a plan that I thought would work, looked at the pros and cons and took a giant leap of faith that everything would work out. And it has! I intentionally stepped away from full-time work and a full-time paycheck. I intentionally reduced my expenses, eliminated my debt and pursued other ways to earn money doing activities I enjoy. This has led to a massive increase in my happiness. No where else in my life have I had results that compare to this.

I slipped out of the rat race!

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Baby Steps to Success

A few months ago these big yellow signs popped up all over my neighborhood that simply say SLOW DOWN. We live in a residential neighborhood with an elementary school and a University nearby. Parents walk their kids to school every day and college students and professors hurry to and from class.

I guess SLOW DOWN is a pretty good reminder to pay attention and not hit anyone who is simply trying to get to class.

As I was out walking Fenway today, the thought occurred to me that it would be pretty cool to post signs all over the place reminding us of our goals.

They look kind of like this

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When Doing The Right Thing Hurts

I adopted my dog Fenway 8 years ago when she was just 4 months old. She has been with me through good times and bad and I love her like crazy. If she was in jeopardy, I would risk my life to save her.

Right now my Fenway is pretty ticked off at me. If she could tell you about it she would say I traumatized her this morning. I pulled her hair, dumped water on her, and about tackled her in my arms.

This morning my Fenway got a good brushing and a bath. She hates them both with a passion. Every time she hears the shower turn on she runs into her crate and curls up in a ball. When I try to entice her out she pulls away from me. I have had to learn to get everything set up when she isn’t paying attention, call her into the kitchen for a treat and then scoop her up in my arms and carry her to the tub. Did I mention she hates to be carried?

The thought popped into my head that sometimes doing the right thing hurts. But it still needs to be done.

Just turning on the water makes her run!

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Traveling With Mother Fran

Winter is in full force here in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate, NY and that means it is time to make a plan to get the hell out of Dodge. I woke up at 3AM and the wind was blowing hard, as if Mother Nature herself was knocking at my window. The days have been cold and blowy and every time I turn around more of the white stuff seems to be flying around me.  I don’t mind snow but dealing with the ice is no fun.

So my honey and I are planning a trip to Florida  in February to visit Mother Fran and Child #7. It is nice to have something fun (and warm) to look forward to.

Can’t wait

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