Cardinal Companions

I was spending a few minutes on Facebook recently and a friend had posted something about a cardinal spending a lot of time in his yard. He felt it was a visit from his mother who had passed away several months ago. I had never heard of this before so I did what any curious person would do, I promptly forgot about it and went about my day.

My morning companion!
My morning companion!

I have an energetic dog and walk twice a day, every day at the bare minimum. As I was walking the other day I heard a bird singing and did what I often do. I stopped, I listened, I looked about until I located the singer. I knew it was a cardinal without thinking about it. I realized that over the last few months, I see cardinals constantly.   And when I find one, I can usually located a second one as they seem to be singing to each other.

A quick 1 minute search on the internet revealed that my friend is not the only one who associates a visit from the red bird as a sign of a loved one who has died. This is a few samples of what I found in that 1 minute search!

  • A cardinal is a representative of a loved one who has passed
  • Cardinals appear when angels are near
  • The Cardinal Experience – is a Facebook page
  • The power of the red bird
  • My mom sends me a message from beyond through the cardinal
  • The cardinal is said to offer safe passage

I have had no recent deaths of loved ones but about 5 years ago I had 5 people in my life pass away within a year. They all died too young, ranging in age from 28 to 60. Each death was incredibly hard to handle and I remember being unable to process what was happening. I felt numb. Working in a nursing home, I face death on a fairly regular basis. But this was different, this was people I loved and they were all too young to die.


This has all got me thinking that maybe my daily cardinal sightings have some special meaning. If the cardinal really does represent a loved one visiting you then I am surrounded by love! That is a pretty comforting feeling!

When I walk, I tend to purposefully ensure I am listening to the positive self talk that I am learning to generate vs the negative self talk that often is in my head. I tell myself I am healthy and strong, I tell myself I am physically fit and fiscally fit. One of the other ideas I found on my 1 minute internet search said the cardinal represents blood, the life force and is related to survival, health and security.

So keep up with me… I am out on my daily walks, reminding myself to be positive, to focus on my health, wealth and happiness and I am frequently seeing this pretty red bird that is said to represent health and security and my loved ones who have passed away! I have goosebumps! This is awesome. I have to go out for my morning walk and my morning cardinal sighting.  Stay tuned…

cardinal2Morning walk update:  I walked out the front door and immediately heard the familiar song of the cardinal. I searched and searched but couldn’t locate it. I turned my back, crossed the street and at the last minute turned around and I found it at the top of a really tall tree. Ten minutes later, I located another one sitting quietly in the grass not 15 feet me.

This blog is about how I am trying to live my life on my terms by choosing health, wealth and happiness. Sometimes the choices are clear like the cardinal sitting in the grass not 15 feet away. Sometimes I need to search out the best decision by gaining a different perspective like finding the cardinal at the top of the really tall tree. Choosing to believe that each time I hear the familiar song of my red feathered friend,  I am surrounded by loved ones that I previously thought were simply gone is quite  comforting and peaceful.

Oh – 1 last idea I found on my 1 minute internet search was that if you keep seeing a cardinal maybe it has you pegged as a source of food!

I think I like the other ideas better!

Get outdoors!

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  1. Right after dad died I started seeing cardinals, I even have a video of one singing on our deck at the beach last year. I always say Hi Daddy.

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