A Piece of My Mind

You know when Facebook asks “What is on your mind”?  Well I have a lot on my mind but have been too busy to get it written down and posted on My Little Blue Kayak! Here is a snapshot of what I have been thinking about. Don’t be surprised if some of these ideas become posts in the near future!

I have been thinking how foolish it is to waste food. I used to be one of those people who would buy fresh fruit and vegetables but didn’t always consume them before they went bad. I would never in a million years throw $5 bucks into the trash so why would I toss $5 bucks worth of fruit away?

Find a way to use it. Don’t toss it.

I have also been thinking that one serving water bottles, juice bottles, soda bottles are some of the most wasteful products ever invented. Water is free from the tap, why spend money on it? Why fill up the landfills with plastic bottles that are not biodegradable?

Mother Fran would not approve.

I’ve been thinking that for someone who loves my free time and flexibility, I have been way too busy lately! Luckily a good chunk of my time has been doing spring clean up for people and that makes me happy!

My honey and I are heading out to lunch today with Child #1 and her partner, Number 9 and some good friends. I am looking forward to yummy food that I didn’t have to cook.

I have been thinking and planning for a fall cruise to Alaska! I am psyched but don’t want to wish the summer away in order to get there.

I hope to see a few of these guys!

That is what I have been thinking about lately. What is on your mind?

Lake Girl


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