A Quick Update…

I have been negligent in my posting responsibilities! Sorry but I have been busy leading what I like to think is a simple life. Overall it is simple but when something comes along to rock my boat it gets a bit tippy for a while! No worries though, all is good. Even now I don’t have time to write anything major, but I thought I would give a quick update regarding life in my little blue kayak!

Can you guess which boat is mine?

My last post titled 10 Happiness Questions was on 8/27/17, over a month ago. Where does the time go?  During that month I took my bucket list vacation to Alaska with my honey, 2 sisters and a niece. We spent 2 nights in Seattle, 7 nights cruising Alaska and 1 night in Vancouver. We paddled to a  to a glacier in a 14 passenger canoe, took a train to the White Pass Summit and then biked 15 miles (down hill) to Skagway.  Alaska was everything I hoped it would be with beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife and plenty of rainbows!

For me, the end of August is a reminder that Mother Fran and Child #7 will be heading back to Florida.  Over the last few weeks, I spent as much time as possible with them at the lake. I played lots of Canasta, swam as much as possible and helped my sister close up the cottage for the winter. I even managed to kayak to the middle of the lake for an awesome quiet time one morning.

My Happy Place

The last thing I have been doing this month is working at the nursing home a lot and gearing up to working even more during the month of October. Combine that with my yard work and I have been a busy woman. I don’t really like being over busy, I find it draining. I literally had to book 2 dinner dates and a biking day with my honey to make sure we spent some quality time together over the last few weeks. Making sure I schedule important things that bring me joy is one of the ways I stay sane.

Schedule joy

With that in mind, I have to run. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more about Alaska. Lake Girl



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