Aren’t Friends Great?

My honey is not a complainer. When the going gets tough she doesn’t whine or moan; she just keeps plodding along until the task is done. She has missed 3 weeks of playing tennis due to a shoulder injury and now is sick with a cold. She still isn’t really complaining but I know she is hurting and feels crappy.

Last week I wanted to plant the seed that maybe she should go see her doctor about the shoulder. We chatted for a few minutes and then moved on. Before I left the room, I asked if she was ok and she just looked at me like I was a bit crazy. “No, I’m not ok, I am hurting.”

Planting the seed…

She plays tennis 3-4 times per week. It keeps her fit and active as well as gives her time to socialize with several different groups of friends. I imagine it also lets her blow off steam in a healthy manner.

I walked in the TV room the other day and she was in her comfy pj’s on the couch. She had a pillow,  a blanket and her tennis racquet on the couch with her. I think she was practicing a few moves with her left arm as her right arm is on the injured reserved list.

We talked some more about getting some professional advice regarding her shoulder and decided to reach out to one of my co-workers for advice. I texted my co-worker, a physical therapist with a good head on her shoulders and a really big heart. She sent me a few pictures of some manipulations I could try to loosen it up.  We gave it a try but I couldn’t quite get it and it didn’t help.

Big hearts

I texted my friend again and asked if she would be willing to do some hands on help. We made a plan to get together at her house that week so she could help my honey figure out what is wrong and how to address the shoulder.

I get a text a couple of days before the planned get together. My friend is asking us if we want to stay for dinner and she invites another co-worker to join us. Here we are asking for her help and not only does she agree but she offers to cook us dinner!

Aren’t friends great?

We got together as planned and she did a few tests and tells my honey that the tendons of the rotator cuff are inflamed. She thinks a lot of it is postural and that tennis is aggravating it. Both of my co-workers start showing my honey some stretches that will help.

So now, on top of the ice and heat she has been using, she has a long list of stretches to do 3x daily. Taking care of herself has become a part-time job!

Maybe taking care of ourselves should be like a part-time job. Something that we do every single day not just when we are feeling sick or hurting. Our bodies can take a beating but eventually they give in to the pain, to the abuse, to the mistreatment.

Too often, we choose quick convenience foods instead of healthy options that nourish our body. We opt for staying up until midnight to binge watch the last few episodes of our favorite show  instead of a good night’s sleep. We decide to catch up with friends at the bar for the third week in a row instead of hitting the gym like we planned.

For my honey, tennis is one way she chooses health. At the moment that is not an option and she needs to consider how else she can get exercise, socialize with friends and blow off steam. I worry that if she doesn’t she will start to feel depressed on top of sick and in pain.

If taking care of ourselves is like a part time job, I think we need to recognize that we aren’t working alone.

My honey is lucky because she has some great friends. She has one friend that she walks with every week or so. This is one of her tennis buddies so she understands that my honey is going through tennis withdrawal. She also seems to understand that getting out and walking can be therapeutic.

She also just offered to make my honey chicken soup for her  cold symptoms!

Aren’t friends great?
Tennis withdrawal…

For me, walking in the woods is one way I choose health. It gives me time in nature which rejuvenates me. It gives me fresh air and exercise and makes me appreciate the little things.

As I wrote this post, I realized I have not been in the woods in what seems like forever. I am going to choose health by inviting Number 9 to take a hike this week.

I need some of this…

I am also going to cook a meal this week for some friends who are building an addition on their home. They have been putting in crazy hours and working really hard. I am betting they are having a tough time choosing health and I can help by providing a healthy, hot meal.

What will you do to choose health this week?
What will you do to be a great friend?

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