Baby Steps to Success

A few months ago these big yellow signs popped up all over my neighborhood that simply say SLOW DOWN. We live in a residential neighborhood with an elementary school and a University nearby. Parents walk their kids to school every day and college students and professors hurry to and from class.

I guess SLOW DOWN is a pretty good reminder to pay attention and not hit anyone who is simply trying to get to class.

As I was out walking Fenway today, the thought occurred to me that it would be pretty cool to post signs all over the place reminding us of our goals.

They look kind of like this

I could put giant yellow signs all over my house, car and workplace reminding me to go to Tai Chi or do my yoga video. I guess the next best thing is yellow sticky notes!

I could change my computer password to gototaichi or gostretch.

I could change my screen saver to a picture of my stretchy yoga pants or of a silhouette of a tai chi figure.

Do you like my new screen saver?

The point is I need reminders to stay on track and if that is what I need, I am going to give it to myself. In my last post, I talked about making a plan, not a resolution to reach your goals. Part of my plan to learn Tai Chi is to literally do the above. Yup, sticky notes, new computer passwords and a new screen saver are in the works.


These are 3 really simple ways to remind myself of my goal that I will see multiple times per day. I would rather take some silly steps to help me be successful then to make up lame excuses for why I didn’t succeed (or even try).

Can you tell, I am apprehensive about going to Tai Chi? I really want to do this but I am reluctant to do it, all at the same time. I have gotten really serious about doing my yoga DVD over the last few weeks. In the back of mind I am giving myself an out. “Well, I didn’t learn Tai Chi but I did a lot of yoga.” Although yoga is a good substitute in terms of strengthening my knee, I really want to learn Tai Chi.

In addition to changing my screen saver, yellow sticky notes and some new Tai Chi related passwords,  I just put the date of the Tai Chi Open House in my calendar and texted my sister to let her know. I even watched a video on the health benefits of Tai Chi. This is one way, I am choosing health in 2017.

Admittedly these are all baby steps toward reaching my goal of mastering all 108 Tai Chi moves. Baby steps lead to bigger steps and bigger steps lead to leaps in the right direction.

What baby steps have you taken to address your 2017 goals?

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