Do You Melt?

Do you let the weather determine your plans? Let’s go kayaking next week. Let me check the weather first. Let’s go for a bike ride. What day is the rain going to let up? Do you want to have a picnic? No, it is going to rain.

Once upon a time, I was getting together with a friend to check out the sand castles on a beach in Maine. I was getting ready to go and the weather looked a bit iffy. I called my friend and asked if she still wanted to meet up as it looked like rain. Her response was…

Do you melt?

I don’t Melt!

That silly question has had a profound impact on my life. No, I don’t melt. A little rain, snow, sleet will not hurt me and should not deter my plans. Mother Nature has a mind of her own and the weather predictors get it wrong about as often as they get it right. My favorite weather forecast is “partly sunny, party cloudy”.

Why let the weather stop me from doing what I want to do?

Yesterday I headed out to do some yard work wearing a rain coat. It wasn’t raining but it looked like it might and the handy-dandy Weather Channel App on my phone said rain was likely. I managed to get in 2 hours of work before the rain got serious enough for me to call it quits.

I love a post by Mr. Money Moustache about how every $10 counts on the road to financial freedom. Well I thought of that as I wrapped up those 2 hours of work in a light rain with a smile on my face! I do a lot of outdoor work and if I only worked when the sun was shining, I would be broke!

Happiness comes from the inside – not the weather!

When my honey and I first started dating it was a long distance relationship. 366 miles of driving – that was a tough winter. We would check the weather and try to figure out the best weekends for her to drive to Massachusetts or me to drive to New York.

We would not schedule a specific weekend that would turn out beautiful and schedule another where a Nor’easter would hit and dump a foot of snow. We finally decided the heck with the weather, we would make our plans on our terms and enjoy our time together.

We Don’t Melt!

A few winters ago, we were desperate to play ping-pong. So a little snow did not get in our way! I had to do a bit of shoveling to make it happen!

It is hard enough to fit fun into our busy weeks, month, and years! Don’t let a little the possibility of iffy weather get in the way.

My solution is to choose happiness by  scheduling the fun and improvise as needed!

Think I will go take a swim in the rain!

Lake Girl




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