Falling For Fall

I don’t know about where you live, but where I live here in the Finger Lakes of Central NY, the colors this fall are spectacular. As you walk around my neighborhood, the trees are stunning; shimmering in shades of orange, yellow and red. When out walking, I find myself stopping and simply staring up at the leaves. Personally, I think it is beautiful here all year-long but then fall comes along and BAM everything is the same but oh so different.

AAAHHH Fall in the Finger Lakes
AAAHHH Fall in the Finger Lakes

In September I get upset thinking that summer is coming to an end and winter is coming. I long for it to be the beginning of summer with its long days and hot weather. I worry each kayak ride may be the last of the season and dread the first leaves changing. I get frustrated by the dropping temperature and cling to my shorts and flip-flops. I jump in the lake for a swim even when I am cold because I know I may not get another opportunity. I get sad as my Mom and sister pack up and return to Florida.

But in October, the colors of the trees are on full display and the temperature becomes brisk and cool, even the air smells good. I love to drive out to the country and see the hills on full display. I drove to the lake last week and it was so gorgeous I was trying to take pictures out the window while driving the car. This of course is never a good idea. Paddling in my kayak I felt like I was the only person on the lake. I kept turning my face to the sun to soak up its warmth.

Don't try this at home...
Don’t try this at home…

Now that we put the warm comforter on the bed, sleeping with the windows cracked open is wonderful. When I pull out my favorite jackets and fleece pants and warm hoodies I remember how much I love fall. My walks become longer and I enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze.

In October, I no longer yearn for summer. I am enjoying everything Mother Nature is sharing with us. I am smiling at the fall colors, cool temperatures and even the rain. We really need the rain around here!  I listen for the geese flying overhead, making their trek south for the winter. I drive by kids playing football and watch the Patriots on television.

Pretty soon I will start to dread winter. I will be raking every leaf and putting away my gardening tools. I will pull up my tomato plants and empty my composter into the garden. I will yearn for fall where I can enjoy the comfortable temperatures, the beautiful colors and sleeping with the windows open.

But then winter will come and I will pull out my comfy wool sweaters and warm socks. I will throw snowballs to my dog and strap on my snowshoes. I will sit on my sisters hearth and let the warmth of the fire envelop me. That comfortable feeling of warmth and drowsiness is so inviting. I will enjoy the snow falling from the sky and blanketing everything in a crisp, clean white blanket.

Who has a match???
Who has a match???

I guess I love all of the seasons and appreciate that I live in a region where all are equally wonderful, beautiful and spectacular.  I hope someday I will learn to enjoy each and every day. I hope I can stop worrying about what is ending or long for what is coming. Each season has its highs and lows; each has its own special pull on our hearts. So I choose happiness as I sit back, relax and enjoy THIS moment! It only comes once.

I didn’t forget spring… I love spring and my thoughts on it can be summed up here!

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