Hello world!

I am launching this blog “My Little Blue Kayak” to remind myself to get outdoors, to quiet my mind and to listen to my AHA moments of insight. When I sit in my Little Blue Kayak in the middle of the lake I am in my HAPPY PLACE! I am inevitably calm and at peace with the world. As I return to shore and climb on the dock, my life has a habit of getting in my way and daily stress returns.

I can’t always physically jump in my kayak but I can always close my eyes, quiet my thoughts and breathe! I believe deep down we all know the right direction to go in order to improve our health, wealth and happiness but when life stresses us out we lose our way.

I am learning to pay attention to my AHA moments and to allow them to gently guide me in My Little Blue Kayak in the direction of abundant health, wealth and happiness. I share them with you in the hope that they nudge you to pay attention to your own AHA moments. Or at least give you a laugh! Thanks for coming along for the ride!

6 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Hooray for you! Knowing where you want to go is the most important part of getting there. Hope you continue to write – sharing the journey is a gift to us all.


  2. When I purchased a little blue kayak. … I didn’t realize the changes to come. Would I do it again? ????? The answer is yes happiness wins every time!

  3. Your inner conflict with starting your blog reminds me of a quote that resonated with me. “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” I’m so glad you are moving past those perfectionist voices that can stop creativity. I love the blog and will keep reading!!!

    1. I love the quote! Thanks. I generally thing of myself as an “it’s good enough” type of person but every now and then the perfectionist voice tries to take over.

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