I Got Kicked in the Pants!

Last week I dutifully sprung into spring by changing all of my clocks forward. A few days later, I even remembered to take care of the clock in my car. I have experienced a tiny little problem though… I sprung;  but spring is nowhere to be found. What the heck?

Old Man Winter refuses to leave and I for one am not too happy about this. What the heck. We got hit with about 15 inches of snow and wind chills in the single digits. The wind won’t quit and every time  I open the front door I hold on for dear life so it doesn’t get ripped off its hinges. The snow has finally stopped (after 48 hours of coming down) but the wind is still howling. I guess this storm even has a name… STELLA!

My car kind of looked like this

When in the middle of a situation that pisses us off, we can get into complaint mode or we can make the best of it. As I tend to choose happiness and complaining only feels good for a few minutes… I guess it is time to make the best of it.

Let me start again!!!

Holy Winter Batman! I was lucky enough not to have to work during the 48 hour storm. I got great exercise in the form of snow shoveling, snow blowing and walking Fenway!

Winter is pretty

During the last 48 hours (while snowed-in) I did some research on OM meditation and had the opportunity to practice it a few times. Very relaxing!

I also did some research on becoming a Certified Health Coach! There are a lot of different ways to obtain a Health Coach certification but the one that seems to make the most sense for me is thru the National Society of Health Coaches.

This avenue is only available to Clinical Health Care Providers including Occupational Therapists. With my existing degree, it is fairly inexpensive for me to obtain these new credentials and I can complete the course of study on-line. I know I want to do this (or something like it) but have been unable to get myself to pull the plug and sign up! It was wonderful  to have the time to check it during the lovely snow storm provided by Mother Nature!

In addition to watching OM meditation videos on YouTube, I listened to some TED talks. My favorite one was by Mel   Robbins titled “How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over.” If you have 20 minutes and need a push in terms of taking some good steps in the direction of your dreams and goals check it out!

In her talk, she discusses what she calls the 5 second rule. I knew about applying this rule to eating food that inadvertently hit the floor but never thought about it terms of acting on a thought. And her reminder that “you are never going to feel like it”… Well, she is right! How often do we procrastinate doing something that we need to do, want to do? It seems silly but I am pretty good about Procrastinating Joy, how about you?

With Mel Robbins words ringing in my head, I am going to take the first step in becoming a Health Coach right now! Yes, literally, right now.

Play the Jeopardy theme song in your head while I go take care of something…

do do do do, do do do, do do do do, doot, dadoot…

OK, so I did it. I ordered and paid for the materials! Guess I am on my way to becoming a Certified Health Coach (CHC).

I have known for a while now that I am frustrated at work and I often feel I should be doing more for my patients. It is my hope that becoming a CHC will help me be a better Occupational Therapist (and vice versa). Once I obtain my credentials, I am interested in working with obese, diabetic clients who live at home (vs the nursing home) regain their health.

Sometimes we need a great big old kick in the pants to do something we need to do. Thank you Mel Robbins (above video) for giving me the kick I needed.

Just the kick I needed!

Stay tuned for updates on how my studying to become a Health Coach is going!

What are your procrastinating? What one thing can you do today to step in the direction of your dream? Take that step right now!

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