Spring is Coming

Spending time outdoors in nature is one of the ways I keep myself grounded. Getting outside helps me to get out of my head! Too much time inside is not healthy for me. Although we haven’t had much snow in the Finger Lakes area this winter we have had plenty of cold temperatures. Last night I went to bed and I just kept thinking that spring is coming but I woke up at 3:00 AM to see fresh snow on the ground. But spring is COMING!  I know it is coming because nature tells me so in many ways:

  • The days are getting longer
  • I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face
  • The birds are singing louder and are visible everywhere
  • The deer are frolicking – ok so it was 1 deer frolicking but still very cool
  • The flowers are just beginning to poke up out of the ground
  • The air feels lighter and smells cleaner
Spring is Coming!!!!

It is not just nature telling me that spring is coming. Something internal is brewing as well. I sense that I am getting restless from too much time inside. I am sleeping lighter and waking up before dawn. I go outside and kick at the remaining piles of snow. I spin my composter gently reminding it to wake up from its slumber. I hear a bird  singing or a woodpecker pecking and stop and stare until I locate it in the trees. I turn my face to the sun and extend my neck to get closer to its warmth.

Spring is Coming... but no this is not from 2016!
Spring is Coming… but no this is not from 2016!

I feel an intense, burning desire to drive to the lake to check up on the cottage. I know exactly what I will do when I arrive. Assuming I don’t need snowshoes, I will walk down the fire lane from the main road, taking note of the raking that needs to be done. I will go inside and make sure there are no leaks from the weight of the snow on the roof. I will climb down the stairs to the lake to check out the water level and the condition of the dock and boathouse. Then I will sit on top of the boathouse, close my eyes and smile!

The lake is calling and I must go! If the weather is cooperating I may even pull out my little blue kayak, carry it down all 75 or so stairs and go for a ride. There is nothing better than being happy in my happy place!

I want to open the windows and let in some fresh air. I want to ditch the winter coat and boots and simply wear sneakers, jeans and a hoodie. Today I woke up to snow but the weather apps tell me tomorrow will be 58 degrees and 68 degrees by the end of the week. Spring really is coming but March is fickle and the temperature can easily drop back down to the 20’s. I will  start  on some outdoor work this week but in the event winter wishes to slowly depart I have an indoor project planned to keep myself humming!

We went to the store yesterday and bought 2 large shelving units for the basement. I typically turn a blind eye on the state of the TV room as I shared in my post Geese Fly South and the basement is a typical basement with lots of stuff that needs to be organized, donated, and tossed out. As my honey owns this house and I moved in with her; most of the contents  of the basement and TV room do not belong to me.

But to be fair despite all of my efforts to live a more minimalist lifestyle 2 of the pallets in the basement are mine and I am storing a lot of boxes for my sister.  The plan is to move the STUFF from the TV room to the basement and to organize the basement better. Crazy as it sounds this is my idea of fun! The best part was that it wasn’t even my idea!  Can you say spring cleaning?

Rejoicing in jeans and a hoodie!
Rejoicing in jeans and a hoodie!

The lake is calling and I must go. But first I have to squash the winter blues with some spring cleaning. Don’t let the long, cold winter get you down.  Spring cleaning is one of the ways I choose happiness!

Hey don’t judge me! We all have our vices.

Happy Spring!

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