I am Still Sane!

I just wrapped up my tough month of work that I wrote about early last month. In that blog post I detailed some of the things I planned to do to stay sane. I am happy to report I finished the month without pulling out my hair, losing my cool or having any type of breakdown. But I didn’t do it alone! I had lots of help to stay sane while working a lot of hours in an environment that doesn’t nourish my soul.

I didn’t do anything crazy

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My Love Affair

I am in a happy, loving, committed relationship with a wonderful partner. My partner is loving, kind, fun to be with and knows at least 50% of the people in our small city. So I have to be careful who I share this with – I am having an affair.

Yup, I have fallen for another. My new love is tender and warm. So easy to be with and always willing to cook a healthy meal. She is quiet, low maintenance and cleans up easily.

I have fallen in love (again) with my Crock Pot! Call it a Crock Pot, call it a Slow Cooker – just don’t call me late for dinner.

Isn't she a beauty?
Isn’t she a beauty?

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