What are You 1 Step Away From?

We were all born into a certain set of circumstances. Some of us were born privileged, never wanting for anything. Some of us were born into poverty, never knowing where our next meal was coming from. Some of us were born with a disability that the world around us has trouble seeing past. Some of us were born with health issues that impacts us every day of our lives.

We can’t change any of that. That is your place at the starting gate, that you were given at birth, and it is non-negotiable.

Don’t worry, life isn’t a race

Life isn’t a race, it isn’t about who gets to the finish line first. It is a journey though and it is important to enjoy the ride!

If you look at how you have lived each day of your life since pushing off from that starting gate, as a series of baby steps toward the next BIG EVENT; what is that event that you are just 1 step away from?

What are you 1 step away from?

Is it more likely to resemble:

  • Running your first marathon or needing to use a cane for the first time?
  • Landing your dream job or getting passed over for yet another promotion?
  • Having your financial portfolio pass $500,000 or having your total debt owed hitting $100,000?
  • Taking your dream vacation or getting fired from your job?
  • Reaching your ideal weight or having a heart attack?
  • Graduating from college or going to jail?
  • Buying your first rental property or getting evicted from your apartment?

Every day, every single one of us makes big and small decisions that lead us down a path. If that path is leading you somewhere you don’t want to go it is time to slam on the brakes. It is not too late, the path you are on has many turns and U-turns are permitted.  Minor course corrections can have a big impact on the quality of your life.

Which path are you on?

Our cottage is located on the West side of the lake and by 3:30PM, the sun goes down behind the mountains. But if you jump in the kayak and paddle directly across, you can still enjoy more time in the sun. Sometimes when I am out kayaking, I am happily paddling on what I think is a straight course to the other side. Directly across is big rock with a flat area, where I can get out of the kayak to swim or to sit in the sun.

It is really hard to paddle straight across the lake. A slight wind, rough water or motor boats speeding by can pull you off course. If you don’t keep an eye on where you started you can easily miss your destination. When you start out, you can’t really see your destination, it is too far away. You start paddling and keep turning around to make sure the cottage is directly behind you. If not, you make a course correction and keep on paddling.

After a while, you can see the big rock in the distance and you start paddling directly toward it. You still might get pulled off course but your eye is on that rock and nothing can stop you now.

Paddle On

It doesn’t really matter where you started from anymore because you can see where you are going and you are determined to stake your claim to that rock. Your eye is on the prize!

For me, that prize is optimal health, wealth and happiness. And each and every day I take big and small steps toward that big prize, that big event. If my daily decisions do not reflect the desire for and the commitment to that prized destination – I will be on the opposite path. The one that leads to poor health, lack of money and dissatisfaction with my life.  Then I will likely suffer from excusitis!

What big event are you 1 step away from?

If each of those paddle strokes represent a baby step toward a BIG EVENT in your life, it makes sense initially to continually look back to the circumstances of your birth. But at some point in the journey of life, looking back only throws you more off course. Look up, look ahead see what path you are on and if you don’t like it, change it.

You are the one with the paddle!

Lake Girl

Don’t you just love blue kayaks?