Harnessing the Power of Joy!

Let me describe to you my first kayak ride of the season.
Pure Joy!

Seriously that is what I felt. I could feel myself grinning from ear to ear in what only can be described as pure joy!

My Happy Place
My Happy Place

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Family Fun with Mother Fran

Family Fun – Mother Fran Style

In previous posts I have written about being raised in a household with 8 siblings and amazing parents. My friend likes to joke that we were like the Brady Bunch. My parents were raised during the depression and nothing was wasted or squandered. There was never an excess of income in my house, but there was never a shortage of fun either. My parents were raising 9 kids on 1 income and making ends meet the best they could. We  didn’t have play dates, fancy vacations, summer camp or ski trips. Honestly I don’t even remember ever having a friend stay over night.

Not us...
Not us…

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Ditch The Processed S*H*I*T

Take Back Your Kitchen

In 2010, I started working as an Occupational Therapist with the elderly population in a skilled nursing facility. Most of my patients were between the ages of 75 to 95 and either lived in the nursing home or were there for short-term rehab with the goal of returning home. My goals for these patients were usually straight forward and involved getting stronger to increase independence or to return home.


I continue to work in a skilled nursing facility however the population of people I work with are much younger and in much worse physical health. I would estimate the average age of the population in my current facility is 65. This is likely the average age, plenty of people are younger than this as well. Think about that for a minute. 65 years old in my opinion is not old. Certainly not old enough to live in a nursing home, requiring  24 hour care. Continue reading “Ditch The Processed S*H*I*T”

My Little Blue Toolbox

The Toolbox

People talk about getting ahead financially as if it were a race or a game, but I don’t think that is accurate. A race implies that participants start at a set place and have to cover the same distance. A game has rules and instructions that all players agree to follow in order to reach the stated goal.  Financially speaking we clearly don’t all start with a set amount of money in life and we don’t have the same end result in mind to identify the winner. Some people are born with advantages that others can’t even fathom. Advantages that put them far ahead before the gun fires to signal the race has started.  If getting ahead financially were a game then some players received the rules in advance while other obtained the instructions in a language they do not understand.


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The BIG 50

So I have a confession to make but don’t tell anyone. I am in the last week of my 49th year on this planet. Yup, I will turn the BIG 50 in May! I remember when my mom turned 50. The neighbors had a little get together for her and someone announced her age. She was mortified. When I was in my 30’s I always joked with my friend’s daughter that  I was still a teenager. Then I bought a house and she came to me with a sly smile and said “You can’t be a teenager”. When I asked why she laughed and said “teenager’s don’t buy their own houses”.

Chocolate please!
Chocolate please!

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