No Excuses


We all have really awesome, amazing days where everything goes according to plan. We check off all of the important items on our to do list, we make the phone calls we have been putting off, we remember it is our turn to cook dinner. We all also have those days where everything we touch seems to break, everything we say seems to hurt feelings, everything we do seems to go wrong. We are all human and this is just part of the human experience.

I have met people throughout my life who take personal responsibility only on those days that go well. They accept credit for the success, they proudly smile and nod their heads at the acknowledgment of a job well good jobdone.  However when it comes to taking responsibility for those bad days where everything goes wrong, they are nowhere to be found. They have excusitis. “It is not my fault”, I’m not the one you are looking for”, “I wasn’t here”, “blame so and so”, “I did my  part”.    I first came across the term “excusitis” in a book called The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. Don’t you think it is a great word? Continue reading “No Excuses”

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures Rock!

My life used to be much more complicated than it is now. I used to commute 40 miles to work on congested Massachusetts highways, spending up to 1 ½ hours in the car each way. That is 15 hours per week sitting in the car. I had a stressful job, working on average 45 hours per week for a company that always seemed to be putting out fires instead of accomplishing anything. I had to travel an hour to visit my close friends and 7 hours to spend time with my family. Life was tough. Continue reading “Simple Pleasures”

2 Life-Preservers

Why do people allow themselves to get stuck in a rut? Why do people remain in that rut doing the same thing, day in and day out despite knowing they are adding to their unhappiness. Why do they ignore the life-preserver that is being thrown to them that can open the door to health, wealth and happiness? When given suggestions on small steps they can take to make life better, they think – yes that is a good idea but I don’t have the time or the energy to do that. Or, that might work for someone who doesn’t have kids or doesn’t work killer hours or doesn’t have debt up to their eyeballs. Continue reading “2 Life-Preservers”

Mother Fran’s Tips to Stretch The Food Budget

A few weeks ago I posted Money Lessons From Mother Fran and that got me thinking how much of my personality and how I approach life is rooted in lessons I learned as a kid. My parents grew up during the depression and saving, scrimping, re-using, and repurposing are second nature to them. I know I inherited this mindset as did my siblings although we don’t all apply the lessons in the same way. Continue reading “Mother Fran’s Tips to Stretch The Food Budget”

Change Starts With You!

Why did you fall in love with your spouse, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend? What first attracted you to that person? What characteristics did they possess that fueled your interest and kept you involved?  You chose this person to be with and to love. Why?

Why this person?
Why this person?

Continue reading “Change Starts With You!”

Money Lessons From Mother Fran

Money Lessons

I come from a large family, very large by today’s standards. My parents had 9 kids and we jokingly refer to ourselves by birth order. I am child number 8, daughter number 6.  My dad was a cop and my mom stayed at home to raise her family. Looking back I believe she held many titles including Master Delegator and Chief Financial Officer. Dad brought home the bacon but mom was the one who made sure it was stretched effectively and distributed appropriately. She paid the bills, cut the coupons, made the shopping lists and took care of the budget. Continue reading “Money Lessons From Mother Fran”

Sculpting My Day

I am a morning person and when I get up I follow my morning routine. When I work a full day I plan on getting to work by 7:30 so I know I will be on my way home by 4:00PM. The funny thing is when I only have to work a half day I still end up getting to work by 7:30. I have not learned the fine art of sleeping late or lounging when there is work to be done. Don’t get me wrong if I don’t have to go to work I can sit back and chill and occasionally forget to change out of my pajamas! But when there is work to be done my brain only has one speed and it is the equivalent to 4th gear! My job is fast paced and productivity matters so procrastination is a really BAD thing. Continue reading “Sculpting My Day”

Spring is Coming

Spending time outdoors in nature is one of the ways I keep myself grounded. Getting outside helps me to get out of my head! Too much time inside is not healthy for me. Although we haven’t had much snow in the Finger Lakes area this winter we have had plenty of cold temperatures. Last night I went to bed and I just kept thinking that spring is coming but I woke up at 3:00 AM to see fresh snow on the ground. But spring is COMING!  I know it is coming because nature tells me so in many ways: Continue reading “Spring is Coming”

Kick Fear Out Of The Way

On 7/26/14 I had one of my AHA moments of insight and this is what I wrote down. “I let fear get in my way. Fear of hurting someone’s feelings, fear of feeling stupid. Fear of rejection, fear of not knowing what I am talking about or of not being able to express myself. This is self sabotage and I will no longer tolerate it.” Continue reading “Kick Fear Out Of The Way”

Creating Habits To Reach My Goals and Toes

I am learning to think consciously about what is important to me and how I spend my time. The last few years one of my primary focuses was to get out of debt and stop spending money recreationally.  Well back in April 2015 I paid off the last of my debt and have learned to spend money deliberately on things that I value. I have decided that my new will focus will be on my health by adding one good habit at a time to my day. Back in October I added my smoothie habit. See my post 52,000 Fewer Calories and I am happy to report that I continue to drink and enjoy my smoothies. I even have my honey requesting a smoothie several times a week. Continue reading “Creating Habits To Reach My Goals and Toes”