Geese Fly South in the Winter… Right?

Last month, I was out walking my dog all bundled up against the January cold. Overhead I heard the familiar clatter of geese flying south. Actually I have no idea if they were flying south because I am directionally challenged… But that doesn’t matter because all of a sudden a few of them veered sharply off course and they reversed direction. There seemed to be no leader and small groups were soon flying in all different directions. The organized “V” pattern in which they normally fly became a giant doodle in the sky. I stopped and listened to the deafening noise overhead as the confusion unfolded. It was chaos!  CHAOS! But geese really do fly south in the winter in a “V” shaped pattern. Within the chaos was order and I have no doubt that order was restored.   formation-508038_1280

AHA… In order there can be chaos. And this is normal and ok!

Having my home life simple, organized and easy to maintain makes me happy.  I know my life is getting a wee bit out of control when my hamper is overflowing from the closet onto the bedroom floor, when the stack of mail on the end table is repeatedly knocked over by my dog and when I find leftovers in the fridge that can not be identified. In my world these are things I can control and keep organized. Within an hour or two, I can easily restore a sense of order in the bedroom, living room and kitchen.

But the TV room… that is another story. The TV room is my partner’s domain. Where I find comfort in organized simplicity; she finds comfort in being surrounded by her belongings; all of her belongings. There are DVD’s scattered all over the television stand and boxes of stuff that I don’t dare look in stacked against the walls.   I am pretty sure the desk and the printer are still under the stacks of papers but I can’t be sure.  Sometimes I just look in this room and feel my stress level rise. But not today. Today I remember to close my eyes and picture myself in my happy place… in my little blue kayak in the middle of the lake.

AHA Moment 2

AHA!!! I remember the geese… In order there can be a wee bit of chaos. And this is normal and ok!  In the grand scheme of things my home life is simple, organized and easy to maintain. I have flexed my organizational muscle throughout our home and simplicity rules!  Except in the TV room…

When I returned home from my frigid walk I realized why I had been having such a difficult time launching my blog.  I was scared that it wasn’t good enough. I was scared that it wasn’t organized enough. I was scared I would not have enough interesting content to share. AHA I remembered the geese again. Within order there can be chaos and this is normal and ok! I immediately started setting up and designing my website and launched “My Little Blue Kayak”! I know it is not perfect but that no longer scares me. I can organize as I go along and make improvements every day.

Sometimes rather than striving for perfection and driving everyone around me crazy, I just have to shut the TV room door. My home really is simple, organized and easy to maintain. Just don’t open that door! Oh and stay out of the basement and the junk drawer too! Geese really do fly south in the winter. Sometimes in an organized “V” and sometimes in a chaotic doodle shaped pattern; but always south.

6 thoughts on “Geese Fly South in the Winter… Right?”

  1. Wow. What can I say? Your blog is wonderful, well written, and thoughtful. Your comments are right on target and I wouldn’t worry at all about searching for perfection.
    Who knew you could be so introspective? You certainly have me thinking and continue to amaze me all the time. ( of course I am a little prejudiced).

  2. This is inspiring! I think we can all relate to one room or the other. Thanks for starting a blog. It’s good to be able to read the posts and hear your voice!

  3. The starting of something is always scary but you are doing what most people only think about. I think it is perfect!!! You start from where you are!!! I am so proud of you for taking the leap and look forward to reading your insights..

  4. I love the way you think! I have a closet that does not belong to me in my kitchen. I just keep it closed! That how I remain sane. I love the geese analagy, so true! Great Job!

  5. “Actually I have no idea if they were flying south because I am directionally challenged…” That’s my friend! This is such a good post!

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